Planned parenthood put out this propaganda video. Let’s take a closer look at what is going on in this video.

Support of abortion is assumed.

Those who have a moral belief that abortion is wrong, are accused of inflicting stigma onto women who have abortions and their care providers.

“Stigma” makes them feel bad about themselves or their decision.  Hearing negative opinions about abortion from family the church or the media makes them feel invisible, silenced, powerless and ashamed.

Video Conclusion:

“Since we are all “stuck in a system together” we need to figure out a way to transform stigma, shame and silence into visibility, openness and empowerment. Together we can make shift happen.”

There is no longer any attempt to make a moral argument in defense of abortion to convince opponents…simply make the shift happen.

Reframe the issue: Women who seek abortions are now victims of others intolerant belief systems. This is bad. Everyone should be allowed to feel good about themselves and their decisions.

Why Does This Qualify As A Propaganda Video?

Propaganda always appeals to something other than legitimate arguments. The plan to demonize an opponent in this case by labeling them “stigmatizers” and then claim victim status as an oppressed minority is such an unbelievable trite and worn tactic that can be observed almost everywhere in modern society. It completely begs the real question of what behaviors in a society should be held in high regard and what behaviors deserve censure.

Robbers and thefts probably feel stigmatized by society as well —However are there legitimate moral codes that a society can and should enforce? Of course there are! Any health society or culture that wants to reproduce itself should be stigmatizing behavior deemed harmful to the society and the people within it.

So let’s remember this propaganda tool– “Demonize your opponent and claim victim status as an oppressed minority whose feelings are hurt” and by all means never use a logical or moral argument.

Micheal Winston
Micheal Winston

PropagandaGuard was created for the purpose of alerting citizens to the ever present dangers of propaganda, helping them to recognize and protect themselves and families from its corrupting effects. You cannot protect yourself from things which you are not aware. Understanding does not stem from a simple dictionary or wikipedia definition. In the end, the question you must answer is...Have you made your way out of the Matrix?