Million Dollar Propaganda Song?

But wouldn’t that money be better used say….just patrolling the border or building a fence or changing the legislation that encourages them to make the risky trip in the first place. Risks taken are relative to reward. Getting full benefits in the US is quite a reward. If most end up not getting into the country or being immediately sent back, taking such a large risk would end up being foolhardy.

 A song that has become very popular in central america was commissioned by the United States as part of the Customs and Border Protection Campaign. It could be viewed by some as a public service campaign warning central americans about the dangers of attempting the trip into America on the train known as “The Beast” facing death, assault or rape while others have called it an American propaganda song.

 While the United States has commissioned other songs in the past that could be classified as propaganda songs, it seems to me that the creation of the particular song fits more directly as an example of american propaganda that is aimed at United States citizens, rather than those in central american Of course it doesn’t really matter who the propaganda targets are.

 Propaganda Narrative: Win/Win Situation

Here is the government reaching out to help and care for the beleaguered central americans and just look at how hard they seem to be trying to stem the tide of illegal immigration. Of course they know many in the states are furious about the situation and need to be seen as doing something.

 As noted earlier there are many more effective ways to stop immigration, unless you really don’t want to stop it. Then a song is perfect.

Hit song about ‘death train’ called The Beast that has killed thousands of … – Daily Mail


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Micheal Winston
Micheal Winston

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