Remember Above All Things…Be nice

Accept everyone no matter how violently their beliefs and/or behaviors contrast with your own because… that is the kind thing to do. There will be no hurt feelings of rejection in the new America. Everything/everyone is accepted, nothing is challenged, all are tolerated and/or embraced.

Change the basic idea of American equality as understood by the founders from  “All people as created share equal rights” to “All people should have equal outcomes and equal acceptance in society” and you have the starting point to understanding inclusion propaganda.

Inclusion propaganda is necessary and central to the destruction of the United States as a country. Millions have sought and still seek American shores because it is or at least was a meritcocracy, allowing people from all corners of the globe the opportunity to rise and be accepted according to merit. Millions of others come here because of the values and freedoms contained in the Bill of Rights. Merit and freedoms are the glue that holds the culture together; embrace them and no one much cares what your personal creed is so long as it is not forced mainstream.

Inclusion Propaganda is Blind to “REAL” Differences

Inclusion propaganda is blind to REAL differences and distinctions that make, for example, one type of immigration perferred over another type. Ignoring for  a moment the distinction between legal and illegal immigration, think of the difference between one person with only the clothes on their back, little or no money and a burning desire to work hard and succeed as compared to criminals or those coming  with the express purpose to immediately take advantage of federal benefits, hospital benefits and other perks. We would and should admire the first type and naem the second type a freeloader who might best be left on the other side of the border.

If you want to combat inclusion propaganda, here is a great article from Personal Liberty that will help explain the necessity of distinctions. Discrimination is not a dirty word. don’t let the propagndists tell you otherwise.

You discriminate every day of your life.

You discriminated when you chose your neighborhood and your house. You discriminated when you chose your job. You discriminated when you chose your church — or when you made the decision to not attend church at all.

You discriminate when you choose your friends. You discriminate when you choose your doctor (or did before Obamacare), your barber, your travel agent. You discriminate when you choose your insurance agent, your auto repair shop, your in-home security monitor, your pest-control service.

You discriminate when you choose which movie to watch, which book to read, which electronic device to buy, which show to watch, which sporting team to follow. You discriminate in your choice of beer. You discriminate in your choice of car: American or foreign.

Life in a free country is about being free to make choices, choices based on your own criteria rather than one mandated by the state. Don’t like fried chicken? Stay out of KFC. Don’t like pizza? Avoid Pizza Hut. Don’t care for seafood? Red Lobster isn’t the only restaurant in town. Denny’s gave you lousy service? Stay away… and tell your friends.

Don’t like how Wal-Mart compensates its workers? Buy your cheap Chinese junk from Target or Kmart — or the local mom and pop store — and your groceries from Publix or Kroger.

Don’t like it that Chick-fil-A’s president supports traditional marriage? Buy your chicken sandwich from Burger King. They’ve gone all in on “gay pride.” Don’t like that Phil Robertson defends traditional marriage? Change your channel. There are probably 175 more on your dial.

Don’t like Muslims? Stay out of the Middle East, mosques, Louis Farrakhan rallies and U.S. prisons — and Deerbornistan, Michigan. Don’t like Jews? Stay out of Israel, New York, Massachusetts, California, synagogues and jewelry stores.

Don’t like kids? Avoid day cares, schools and playgrounds… and sexual intercourse.

Don’t like blacks? Move to Montana, Vermont or Idaho. There aren’t many there.

Don’t like whites? Move to Detroit; Jackson, Mississippi; Miami Gardens, Florida; Birmingham, Alabama; Baltimore; or Memphis, Tennessee. You will see some, but they’ll be the minority.

That’s discrimination. It’s also called liberty, freedom of choice and, in the concept of natural law, freedom of association as guaranteed in the 1st Amendment.

Read more at Personal Liberty

Micheal Winston
Micheal Winston

PropagandaGuard was created for the purpose of alerting citizens to the ever present dangers of propaganda, helping them to recognize and protect themselves and families from its corrupting effects. You cannot protect yourself from things which you are not aware. Understanding does not stem from a simple dictionary or wikipedia definition. In the end, the question you must answer is...Have you made your way out of the Matrix?