While the tweets are flying from the left and from the right about the newly released hit movie, American Sniper, making for a messy landscape, it seems clear that the movie intended to memorialize Chris Kyle in a way that is not true to reality. Is is a modern day propaganda film? Let me know your opinion.

As I watched the movie, I could not help think that it had the feel of a hyped one-sided account of Kyle’s life that left out any confusing contradictions or messy inconvenient details so typical to authentic representations.

What Do We Know About Chris Kyle?

1) He lied about Jessie Ventura and his estate was held liable for slander as determined in a court of law.

2) He founded the Craft International- a para-military group with the Marvel Comics punisher logo and a motto,  “Despite What Your Momma Told You, Violence Does Solve Problems

3) He was killed before representatives from his company were observed at the end line of the Boston Marathon. Pictures of men outfitted with the Craft logo, with headsets and other military gear including backpacks are seen just meters away from the bombsite.

4) Kyle’s widow sued the Craft international partners after his death related to control of the company


Here’s a quote from Political Blind Spot 

We cannot say why Chris Kyle was killed before his company took the Boston Marathon job… Was it related to this job and perhaps some reluctance to take it for whatever reason? Perhaps, but we cannot say for certain at this point, so we will refrain from open conjecture until there is conclusive evidence.

We cannot say that the paramilitary Craft International was directly involved in this bombing, or that the accused Chechen brothers were not. But we can document evidence that indicates their presence, media and law enforcement silence – even secrecy – about it, and otherwise seems to point in that very direction. Unfortunately, the media and law enforcement alike do not seem to find this an interesting subject for further investigation. Why they do not is anyone’s guess.

History of Propaganda Films

The United States first learned how effective Hollywood films could be in influencing attitudes, during WWI. Films that are made today are nothing like the propaganda films of old, they are now much more sophisticated and subtle in their bid to control the minds and hearts of Americans.  Read more about WWI propaganda.

History of the Pentagon Telling Lies To Promote Various Objectives

The story about Jessica Lynch was fabricated and finally completely unraveled. Why the need to falsify a story to make a hero of a woman serving in combat? The official story about Pat Tillman’s death was proven false. The pentagon first cast the fiction of Tillman dying as he was storming the enemy. Later  it was found out that he was killed by friendly fire. So the pentagon has a history of fictionalizing reality, aka engaging in propaganda for their own ends.

Back to Chris Kyle

So what purpose might be served by rewriting Chris Kyle’s life glossing over inconsistencies and curious behind the scenes facts?

Is it to glorify the need for war and the supposed “justness” of the Iraqi War

Is it to anger those of the Muslim faith and/or Iraqis who will surely be upset at the simplistic and degrading representation of them portrayed in the movie?  Is it to stoke animosity between Muslims and American such as is being seen in Europe at the present time?

Is it to deify Kyle’s death to lessen the likelihood of anyone connecting dots between the Craft and whatever role they played in the Boston Marathon?

Check out these two videos about Chris Kyle and American Sniper -The Movie


Micheal Winston
Micheal Winston

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