With a Large Enough Megaphone No Other Ideas Can Compete

Find out how the "idea bullies" utilize shortcuts in the brain to create fixed beliefs that influence you in vast but unrecognizable ways.

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Hidden By Design And Intrinsically Malevolent

Historically it was called manufacturing of consent, crystallizing public opinion, public relations, and plain old "propaganda".

The Book You Can't Afford to Be Without!

Democracy's Light Goes Dim Without the Free Flow of Ideas in The Marketplace.

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You Are Starting To See Through it Already

But can't quite explain it.

The Complex Made Simple

One Idea To Rule Them All, is concise and accessible to non-academics, it offers a new easy way to understand the intricate and multi-faceted propaganda machine operating in the world today, largely unrecognized or discussed.

Finally a Propaganda model that makes sense. You'll be able to educate your teen-agers, neighbors, or siblings on important topics necessary for freedom.

Learn how the roots of idea creation and story narrative have displaced an objective search for truth and why this abuse of language is always the first sign of tyranny.

Finally, find out how the “idea bullies” harness the identifiable shortcuts the brain utilizes to create fixed beliefs that influence in unrecognizable ways.

Have You Heard About the "Influence" Revolution of the 20th century?

I didn't think so. With this information, you'll be able to make perfect sense of the confusing hyper-partisan political stage and understand the origins of "Fake News."

Recognize The Tools of The Trade and  Protect Yourself And Your Family

  • Authority Hijack

    The first impulse of the public in making up its mind is to follow the example of a trusted leader.

  • Stagecraft

    Staged public occurrences arranged to look like organic experiences manipulate public opinion.

  • Media Hijack

    Captivating the imagination is one of the main objectives behind most media today.

  • Front Groups

    Front groups are organizations that are perceived as working in the public interest, but in fact benefit a company or interest.

  • Jim

    Excellent workbook in so many respects. I am a retired school teacher and I would have loved to have this material available to guide me. It has so much more depth than what is traditional taught.

What They Have To Say

Could This Be The Time for ...a renaissance of independent minds?

If every high school student read this book, and if a year in class were devoted to a discussion of the issues it covers, we would have a renaissance of independent minds.  Adults, too, who are just starting to understand propaganda, would benefit greatly by studying the book in depth.  Swimming in the Information Age, we need to grasp how and why the news is delivered to us.  Again, this book fills a gap that needs to be filled.  Community groups could be organized around it.  It is a light in the dark.

Jon Rappoport
Jon Rappoport Investigative Reporter and Pulitzer Prize Nominee

'One Idea to Rule Them All' is an alarming read that should be embraced by anyone concerned about our nation's future.  It explains the historical dangers of staying unengaged and unaware in a republic that allows anyone the opportunity to dominate national thought with misinformation, half-truths, and outright lies.  The solutions offered, if heeded, would convince more citizens to get educated, organized, and take action against this growing and alarming trend.

Paul White
Paul White Author of White’s Rules and Founder of the Stronghold Institute

The Book You Can't Afford to Be Without!

Democracy's Light Goes Dim Without the Free Flow of Ideas in The Marketplace.

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