Indoctrination Lies Ruining The Moral Fiber Of The Country

The intercultural affairs council at Yale University circulated an email encouraging students to avoid culturally insensitive Halloween costumes. In response, Associate Master of Silliman College Erika Christakis and her husband created a firestorm by suggesting that there should be room for a young person to be “a little bit obnoxious, a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive.”

Christakis’ husband who willing waded out into the crowd of protestors was met with the following.

Here is PropagandaGuard’s response:

To the pissed off and offended undergraduate at Yale University, we are officially tired of you and your kind. You probably failed to notice but many people would be offended by your behavior; shouting down and cussing out a professor, obnoxious yelling instead of debate, in short having a public temper tantrum based solely on the demand to bindoctrination liese insulated from ideology you find disagreeable or even more absurd-Halloween costumes.

The main casualty of uber-sensitivity is the loss of all sense of humor and any sense of perspective.

Mascots, costumes, statures, and flags are similarly indicted by the hordes of marginalized, victimized citizenry being stoked and inflamed by the joyless indoctrination lies of structural racism; the false ideology that turns the mind into a honing device for offenses. Once the quest is begun,  offenses can be found everywhere and the task unending.

Having a hard time at a college? This is not a new phenomenon. All types of people get picked on by roommates, ignored, called names, made to feel like outsiders etc.

The annals of history show generation after generation praying for strength to surmount tragedy, challenges, injustice and real hardship. But the young today have been duped into a Pollyannaish and naïve quest to rid the word of slights and verbal offenses that no previous generation would have seriously undertaken …because they were grown ups and the task trivial.

A Serious Infusion of Perspective Is Needed

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 10.46.47 AMNobody can explain “perspective” quite like Roy H. Williams.

Decide today to stop being generation “Whiner”.

“Whiners piss me off.

I’m not trying to be shocking or crude, I’m just trying to make a point.

The reason whiners piss me off, I think, is because they seem to believe that injustice and hardship have somehow singled them out for a special beating.

Listen, whiner, everyone is ambushed by catastrophe occasionally.
 Quit acting like you’re someone special.

The other people who piss me off are the ones who pretend like they’ve got their life so together that they live each day with their chins held fearlessly high and their hair blowing carefree in the wind.

Those people are posers who want to be admired.

Everyone gets tackled from behind occasionally.
 Bad things happen to good people.
 Bad things happen to bad people.
 Bad things happen to everyone.

So yes, you’re going to get clobbered.
 You’re going to occasionally find yourself on your hands and knees asking, “What just happened and how can I stop it?”

Getting clobbered doesn’t make you exceptional.

Getting back up, dusting yourself off, finding something to smile about and continuing on your journey, those are the things that make you special.

In the 24th chapter of the ancient book of Proverbs, we read, 
“A good man will fall seven times and get back up again.”

It does not say, “A good man never falls.”

So get back up.
 Dust yourself off.
 Find something to smile about. 
And continue on your journey.”

Roy H. Williams

Come on Generation Whiner, Wake up! Like people rearranging chairs on the deck of the Titanic, you fail to realize that the fight of the century is taking place, not race against race, or tiny marginalized group against society but all little guys against the global elite. Stop being so thin-skinned. Grow up and get in the game.

And to the adults fostering this kind of pathetic disenabling of our most prized possession, face the facts that gooey sentimentalism does much more harm than good.

Micheal Winston
Micheal Winston

PropagandaGuard was created for the purpose of alerting citizens to the ever present dangers of propaganda, helping them to recognize and protect themselves and families from its corrupting effects. You cannot protect yourself from things which you are not aware. Understanding does not stem from a simple dictionary or wikipedia definition. In the end, the question you must answer is...Have you made your way out of the Matrix?