This seems to me to be a very pressing question. Recently St. Petersburg Police underwent sensitivity training regarding transgender issues including terms to avoid and pronouns to use. This training was held in connection with a new police policy being instituted for all “Interactions with Transgender Individuals”

“According to Chief Holloway the recent death of a LGBT individual spurned the new changes.police-30120_640

Clarke’s body was discovered in a Tampa park and was identified by the Hillsborough County sheriff’s officials — after the medical examiner’s evaluation — as a man wearing women’s clothes. The victim’s name was released as Samuel Elija Clarke.

This information was reported by law enforcement and media outlets, until family and friends told authorities that Clarke, 25, had identified as a transgender woman for years. By calling her a man, Clarke was victimized again, Rudisill said.”

The new policy makes it clear that the name and gender listed on a government ID isn’t as important as the name the person wants to be referred to and the gender they identify with when interacting with them and referring to them in the news.

In other words, officials of the state must regard and take seriously the fantasy world of gender identity by using the preferred pronouns. Does this mean that those who identify as black but are white should be named as black on media outlets or what about the person who self-identifies as Jesus Christ?

Have we not gone too far in this fantasy world of self-identification?

fantasy-778093_640There are only two genders each one with its own eternal essence the exact expression of which has wide latitude. Just because there are a wide variety of trees, the essence of a tree remains.

This training for the police is nothing more than government-sponsored indoctrination into this fantasy world, not as barbaric as re-education camps but effective nonetheless.

The definition of indoctrination can be thought of as teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically. It is typically more heavy-handed and more akin to retraining or brainwashing than propaganda. Indoctrination is the better term when ideas and beliefs are force-fed to those who cannot defend themselves or associated with penalties and recriminations for failures to adopt the intended framework or ideology.

The Defenseless

When attitudes are being promoted in a class of people that are relatively defenseless like children and adolescents, an unfair advantage goes to the teacher. Doctrines can be uncritically smuggled into the child’s psyche before they are old and wise enough to think for themselves and reject such sublimation.

This is the exact topic C.S Lewis wrote about in Abolition of Man and why the government loves to train your children 8 hours a day for 21 years. It is the easiest path to social change that ever existed.

Indoctrination Does Violence To The Other Person’s Autonomy And Right To Self-expression

In the case of the general population who can defend themselves, other techniques must be used to break down resistance to official mind-think.

Indoctrination Techniques

In the media age of the 21st century, heavy-handedness can be inflicted in many ways for those who choose not to go along with the prescribed program:

  • Media shame/ridicule- Imagine being slandered on national television- How would your life change?
  • Loss of position and prestige especially in government position
  • Loss of income/job
  • Legal sanctions-fines
  • Imprisonment
  • Censorship
  • Business boycotts etc.

chains-19176_640This, my friends is a sanitized version of the soviet gulag. This is retraining American style. The free exchange of ideas in the marketplace is gone.

St. Petersburg police no longer have any freedom of conscience in this matter and will be reprimanded should they act out of line with groupthink now sanctioned as “official” government policy. They risk jobs, positions, income and local prestige should they speak against complete nonsense.

The powers that be have determined that people who identify as the opposite sex should be considered absolutely normal and by the way so should any and all variants of gender confusion.

Re-educate all government employees, infiltrate education with the same ideas and in 10 years, most of America will believe that 2 and 2 make 5.


Micheal Winston
Micheal Winston

PropagandaGuard was created for the purpose of alerting citizens to the ever present dangers of propaganda, helping them to recognize and protect themselves and families from its corrupting effects. You cannot protect yourself from things which you are not aware. Understanding does not stem from a simple dictionary or wikipedia definition. In the end, the question you must answer is...Have you made your way out of the Matrix?