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Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 7.31.05 PMSam Killermann is a “social justice” comedian who gives presentations about snap judgments, identity and oppression.

It’s going to be embarrassing explaining to future generations that battling oppression in this age meant standing up to …categories of reality.

Sam, presumably having just descended from the mount with the new tablets of stone in hand, explains to the audience that everything they know about gender is wrong.

His mission he believes, is to indoctrinate college students into the fantasy of multiple genders  “discovered” in the last minute of recorded history.

The Moonies weren’t this crazy yet the ever tolerant public schools and colleges willingly embrace the macabre self-suicide of civilization.

Sam goes on to say that “It’s important to remember that one [sexuality] does not dictate the other [gender].” Is it possible that college students in social sciences are not allowed to take real science courses where the bubble of this myth would burst on the hard rock of chromosomal identification?

Gender Propaganda And Indoctrination

School district’s and colleges are essentially allowing delusional indoctrination when they permit presentations that include the “Gender bread” Person infographic whether they realize it or not.

gender bread man-gender propaganda
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The slick comedy routine and cutesy infographic are part of an effort to present a delusion as reality to college-age students. Materials and information from this source are already making their way into high school sex-ed curriculums and are freely available online.

Co-opting and corrupting a traditional symbol like the gingerbread man is a way to identify deviant cultural ideas with homespun goodness and is targeted to influence the youngest and most vulnerable of the population.

Somewhere in the cesspool of minds called academia, a stone-age myth of epic proportions has been created. Gender is non-binary, they declare, implying that the categories of male and female have become just too self-limiting. In fact, there are now 56 genders.

Rightfully this slice of academia should be laughed all the way back to the insane asylum for creating a movement fighting the oppressiveness imposed by categories of reality. Instead, perhaps making gender hopelessly complicated will contribute to job security, no one will be able to explain it except the school psychologist.

It also stands as potent criticism of a society willing to tolerate misfit professors creating an entire nomenclature of absurd genders, as one clinging tenuously to the threads of reality.

No doubt the presentation will not be identified as dangerous ideology but will euphemistically be titled “Preventing Bullying in the Schools” and other similar unarguable tenets of fairness.

This is nothing less than a planned mutiny of what it means to be fully human. If we can’t be men and women, what shall we become?

Non-Binary Gender and 2 + 2 =5: Delusion Rules The Day

What can be said of a society where supposedly well educated college professors and staff stand-by passive and mute when such dangerous ideas as the corruption of gendgender propagandaer are passed around like candy.

I challenge any teacher, academic or social scientist to provide any shred of scientific proof that there are 56 genders. Appeals to nearly worthless “survey” research will be instantly discounted.

Indoctrinating students into a different political structures is one thing, indoctrinating them into self-deluding figments of imagination using home spun icons are crimes against humanity that will have far reaching effects.

The stone-age myth about gender is out of the bag, should we all sit back passively and let our children’s future to be “deconstructed”?

This is social treachery that has reached unprecedented levels.

Get to know Sam Killermann from his TED Talk


Micheal Winston
Micheal Winston

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