Modern Education is The Very Essense of Indoctrination

All quotes from Jay Dyer, Modern Education is Pavlovian Conditioning

The Goals of Modern Education Laid Out By Its Founders

From its inception, the architects of the American public education system, and its corollary system of “higher education” in the college and university system, were established explicitly for the purpose of reorienting classical modes of pedagogy for “democratic,” “socialistic,” “utopian,” and “egalitarian” techniques of state conditioning that would confer “personhood” on the individual pupil through integration into the collective, allowing for a smoother transition into the Comtean civic religion of scientistic naturalism, paying obeisance to the gods of state, as life would be lived out in the “New Jerusalem” of the public-private cubicle. These claims are precisely the words of the key founders of American Education, including: John Dewey, J.B. Watson, Horace Mann, James G. Carter, William James, and many others, all intent on inculcating their own religious philosophy of Darwinian scientism, pragmatism and collectivist socialism under the banner of progressive, democratic, secular humanism. It could more properly be titled Americanist Education, where the goal of indoctrination centers around the installment of the decrepit final end of its Enlightenment origins.

The Classic Understanding of Education

Arising from the ancient and medieval conception of the world as a unified whole under the providential governance of Reason and/or God, the birth of the university cultivated learning and the classical method of pedagogy that reflected that same belief in an ordered cosmos. From this idea arose the term “uni” – “versitas,” a unified whole (See Cardinal Newman, The Idea of a University). Thus, a liberal arts education was grounded in the foundations of grammar, logic and rhetoric, being followed by the more advanced subjects that flow therefrom, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy. This was possible because all facts of man’s experience were interpreted and given meaning within an all-encompassing worldview that saw a Personal Deity (by the Middle Ages) as a unifying metaphysical principle that linked the disparate phenomena of human experience.

The Modern Understanding of Education is More Akin to Behavioral Modification

By the time of the Enlightenment and the scientific revolution, however, the dominant perspective on education would begin to change, as revolutionary philosophies from the likes of Rousseau, Mill, Jefferson and Comte would reshape the West’s approach to education. Higher academia too, especially in the U.S., would begin to assume a messianic character that believed in man’s inherent ability to build a global utopia through the proper application of external stimulation and conditioning that was the result of the materialistic pragmatism promoted especially by the British Royal Society (a powerful entity even today in academia).

Pay For Your Own Indoctrination Through Taxation

From this survey of merely a few quotes from America’s educational luminaries, we can see a clear agenda at work. Not only was the strategy to make state-mandated education a necessity imposed by law through truancy, the goal was all-encompassing, millennial and religious in character, inculcating in children from the intentional adoption by the state through kindergarten (also borrowed from Prussian Socialism), up to adulthood through the university system, the credal faith in the power of the apotheosized socialist “democratic” state. To add fuel to the fire, these educational lights convinced the nation’s leaders to pay for their own indoctrination through taxation, a hurt that is most powerfully felt today in the masses of student loan debt racked up for merely 4 years of “higher education.”

All of This Was Planned

None of this was by accident, as the wealthiest families in the U.S. supported this socialization, and in particular the control of education through controlling education boards, tax-exempt foundations, and even the establishment of entire universities (such as the Rockefellers and The University of Chicago). This is exactly what the Reece Committee found in its 1952-4 investigations into tax-exempt foundations and their influence, and in particular in the Committee’s Dodd Report the Ford, Rockefeller and Carnegie Endowments were discovered to be funding Columbia, Harvard, Chicago University and the University of California to implement social engineering and conditioning that would “promote oligarchical collectivism.” The foundations, however, were merely following suit in what the public school system had always been established to accomplish, inasmuch as fascism, socialism, communism and Marxism have always been tools of financial elites, according to Dr. Antony Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, and Dr. Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time. These entities are also linked to the escapades of the Frankfurt School Marxists and their critical theory.

Save Your Children From Indoctrination

In order to thus solve the “problem of education,” the question arises as to the entire system of public education itself, and it is my contention our overblown imperial state has no business in the raising of children to begin with. In our day, the population is becoming keenly aware of the outrageous corruption that has long nested in Washington D.C., and to think that these managerial kleptocrats are competent for the “fixing” of a “broken system” is merely to prolong the problem. What is necessary is to understand the academic system itself is a ponzi scheme to load students with masses of debt for an increasingly irrelevant piece of paper that qualifies them to become “social justice warriors,” the very icon of perfect conditioning.


What is does not do is teach sound philosophy and empower the individual student to learn on his own (as it should do) – in fact, it exists to break down morals and all traditional and existing worldviews. The solution is thus to remove oneself from this entire superstructure, encourage entrepreneurship, and begin to convince behind-the-times corporations to no longer require permission slips (degrees) from statist institutions, but rather to hire on the basis of abilities and skills actually possessed. In the meantime, we must simply avoid the academic social engineering juggernaut and utilize tools such as the Internet (which is already beginning to make them obsolete) to attain knowledge. Ultimately, this is the fruit of medieval nominalism. Modern Education is Pavlovian Conditioning : Waking Times


Micheal Winston
Micheal Winston

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