How To Combat Societal Indoctrination

George Orwell stated,

“In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Matt Walsh threw down a revolutionary act the other day with an article entitled Bruce Jenner Is Not A Woman. He Is A Sick Delusional Man. 

If you have not read this article please take time to sit down and read it. I have created a PDF version without the advertisements of the article and an outline so that you can print out both and study them. (See downloads at the bottom of this page)

When you get done studying the article and the outline, grab your kids and invest time in training them to actually think. Help them understand and verbalize what constitutes an argument against this growing political movement.  Make them memorize the arguments. It will be time well spent. Better yet have them map out the arguments similar to the outline below so they can really exercise their brains.

If you do not take time to do this your children will most likely be passively and witlessly indoctrinated by the barrage of non-stop media messages in support of this assault on common sense and truth. Google already sanctions “other” as a choice in the gender selection drop down menu and Facebook legitimates scores of “other” gender types.

Next up on the liberal agenda will be transforming the physical reality of the world to accommodate these illusions- transgendered bathrooms are already being promoted.

The most destructive argument made by Matt to the liberal ideology turns its’ own theory of gender as a “social construct” back against itself to completely rule out the need for transgenderism. Brilliant!

Unfortunately there is considerable debate about this as society closes in on the tipping point of 50% of the population being indoctrinated. How can I say this is indoctrination you ask-because this is a highly controversial subject but only one viewpoint is sanctioned by the media and educational elites. People who reject this ideology are made to look intolerant and evil.

Here is the point by point condensed outline that follows the article and both downloads are further down the page.

Point 1

Adjectives used to describe his revelation as heroic, courageous etc are misinformed considering he stands to profit handsomely from this private reveal.

Point 2

Describes the media as despicable as they encourage Bruce to hurt himself in ways he can not undo.

Analogy is made with giving an anorexic praise for imagining she is 300 pounds overweight.

“Both harbor harmful, destructive and inaccurate perceptions about themselves and both need help changing their perceptions, not their bodies.”

Point 3

Concise perspective on the liberal agenda

They have already redefined what constitutes a human being (abortion) and are now redefining what constitutes a man or a woman

Point 4 

Kids in pull-ups should not be taken seriously

Point 5 

Top psychiatrist at John’s Hopkins affirms the attempt to transition from one gender to the other as mental illness and testifies to the increase stress and instability this causes in the sufferer.

Point 6

Feeding an illusion only makes it worse

Point 7

Gender is genetically determined as seen by anatomy, chromosomes, DNA, hormones, boney structure and reproductive organs.

Point 8

Sex and gender are not different concepts despite the different names

Point 9

Logical inconsistency of “gender as social construct” with the whole idea of “transgenderism”

Point 10 

Illogical presumption that to “accept” Bruce Jenner you must agree with his delusions

To accept Bruce Jenner’s decision is to accept the impossible, radical, illogical, preposterous and outrageous progressive doctrine of sex and gender.

Point 11

Progressives can’t have it both ways

No God= No soul  (The world is only the material realm)


“A mismatch of souls” = an incompetent God

Point 12

Bodies and soul are inextricably connected in unity

Point 13

Transgenderism is not an actual state of human existence.

The answer is imperfect

Psychological treatment may not “cure” a person of delusions but a sex change operation and hormone treatment will not cure a man of being a man.

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Download the PDF outline


Micheal Winston
Micheal Winston

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