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Propaganda Guard

was created to expose the malignant and pervasive dangers of propaganda and “Fake News" alive and well in the United States and to serve as a resource for top quality training material for teachers, parents, activists and others.

Materials can be used for self-study, small group study or classroom approaches. The first workbook, One Idea To  Rule Them All, has been recently released in PDF format. Feedback is being actively sought to continue to revise and improve content and to create new content.

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Ten Major Points of Emphasis Taught in the Book

  • 1. WWI was the first large-scale demonstration of public opinion manipulation utilizing every known technique at the time.
  • 2. The ability to manufacture ideas or public opinion changed the entire power structure in the United States.
  • 3. "Event creation" was the original fake news.
  • 4. Faith in democracy was eclipsed by the growing consensus that technocrats should manufacture consent in the best interest of an unknowing public, the news becoming collateral damage of this poisonous philosophy.
  • 5. Manipulation of the language for purposes other than the pursuit of truth is the first sign of tyranny.
  • 6. Propaganda, having gone underground, is more dangerous than ever before, precisely because its' machinations are now hidden.
  • 7. Propaganda is a technique employed by the rich, impoverishing the marketplace of ideas, by drowning out small voices.
  • 8. Propaganda is hard to detect because it plays on human shortcuts that are not rational
  • 9. Identification of propaganda includes the abilities to follow the money, appreciate whistleblowers, ask questions, dig deeper and love the truth.
  • 10. Leadership, words, and the quest for truth are the primary antidotes to the abuse of language and tyranny.

Here is what they are saying:

"If every high school student read this book, and if a year in class were devoted to a discussion of the issues it covers, we would have a renaissance of independent minds.  Adults, too, who are just starting to understand propaganda, would benefit greatly by studying the book in depth.  Swimming in the Information Age, we need to grasp how and why the news is delivered to us.  Again, this book fills a gap that needs to be filled.  Community groups could be organized around it.  It is a light in the dark.”

Jon Rappoport
Investigative reporter and Pulitzer Prize nominee

"One Idea to Rule Them All' is an alarming read that should be embraced by anyone concerned about our nation's future.  It explains the historical dangers of staying unengaged and unaware in a republic that allows anyone the opportunity to dominate national thought with misinformation, half-truths, and outright lies.  The solutions offered, if heeded, would convince more citizens to get educated, organized, and take action against this growing and alarming trend."

Paul White
Author of White’s Rules and Founder of the Stronghold Institute

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