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How to Sniff Out Propaganda: Conjecture Is Not Certainty

Tentative findings presented as unassailable conclusions are one of the hallmarks of propaganda in the modern age. Be sure to link through and read the entire article and you will get real information on the malware programs that were actually used to hack the DNC and you can draw your own conclusions as to whether there could [...]

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Inclusion Propaganda

Inclusion Propaganda: It's the nice, acceptable thing to do Accept everyone no matter how violently their beliefs and/or behaviors contrast with your own because... that is the kind thing to do. There will be no hurt feelings of rejection in the new America. Everything/everyone is accepted, nothing is challenged, all are tolerated and/or embraced. Change the [...]

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Cosmopolitan-A Tool for Propagandists?

A Story Of Insight and Redemption Sue Ellen Browder, age 70 writes in Subverted, her behind the scenes tell-all novel about her work as a writer for Cosmopolitan, “What I would like for women to recognize is how propaganda works so they don’t get deceived by it. Propaganda is half truth, selected truth, and truth out [...]

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The Debate System Went Flying Off The Rails At What Moment In History?

Propaganda Stunt It seems to me that the recent republican debate should have set off warning bells in hallowed academic halls and in the heads of elite social scientists all across the United States. Having been doing qualitative research for decades, they surely know a biased question from a neutral one. Why the silence? Anyone [...]

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Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery!

Dark Times These are dark times, in which the propaganda of deceit touches all our lives. It is as if political reality has been privatized and illusion legitimized. -John Pilger The following reprinted article by John Richard Pilger an Australian journalist based in London is the text of a speech given for the launch of [...]

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Global Temperature is a Meaningless Statistic

As they say old habits die hard, and the foremost habit is one of unreflectively assuming that a trusted source still remains …a trusted source. Unfortunately the powers that be have been buying off trusted sources or at least the individuals that administrate those trusted sources for decades now unbeknownst to most Americans who still think and rely on [...]

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Pravda Smacks Down US Media on Gun Control Propaganda In Aftermath of Charleston Shooting

Gun Control Propaganda Yes you heard me correctly. Take off your blinders and listen up. Pravda...I said Pravda, a Russian newspaper got it absolutely right about the deceit and lies disseminated by the media and our elected politicians in the immediate aftermath of the Charleston shootings. There is no evidence to support some tsunami of [...]

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Gay Canvassing Doesn’t Result In Amazing Attitude Change-They Made It Up

The Washington Post tried to spin the embarrassing news of scientific fraud overseen by an influential member of the academic community in a extremely prestigious journal (Science) today into a win by stating "the scientific process worked. In fact, those of us who teach undergraduates how to do science had just been handed a valuable story [...]

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Nazi Propaganda Films

“Forbidden Films: The Hidden Legacy of Nazi Film,”  is a documentary that considers the legacy of the Third Reich’s propaganda films. Movies have been used for quite some time as vehicles for propaganda messages and are extremely powerful because many of the most dangerous messages can simply bypass the rational faculties of the viewer.  For those [...]

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Pseudo Science as Propaganda

A Science As Propaganda Moment For Dr Ben Frankly, I’m with Dr. Ben Carson on this one. A while back, Chuck Todd tried to throw Carson a curve ball asking him how he reconciles science with his faith. In his answer Dr. Ben stated that maybe some things aren’t really science at all but propaganda. Of [...]

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CNN Is Beating the Drums of War

Demonization of Russia by the Media is propaganda? Paul Craig Roberts, a respected journalist thinks so. I wrote about him not too long ago as a seeker of truth. This old school reporter has no trust whatsoever in our media, calling them pesstitutes, The ministry of propaganda and agents of evil. That is pretty strong language. [...]

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Ben Carson-Conservative Idiot?

The Question The question posed by Chuck Todd To Ben Carson, "Explain how science and religion in your mind co-exist?” is a classic gotcha question. The premise is entirely faulty, as if science, a discipline of method that can only be used to analyze the material world can somehow disprove the immaterial world. Perhaps Chuck could [...]

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SOTU-Rivals Best Nazi Propaganda Speech

For those of us that are awake, sitting through the State of The Union Propaganda Speech is torture. My idiosyncratic case of Tourette's syndrome can not be stopped as soon as I hear the man's voice. Thankfully I could rely on others to bear this particular burden of watching the SOTU and reporting what happened. Watching [...]

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American Sniper-A Modern Day Propaganda Film?

While the tweets are flying from the left and from the right about the newly released hit movie, American Sniper, making for a messy landscape, it seems clear that the movie intended to memorialize Chris Kyle in a way that is not true to reality. Is is a modern day propaganda film? Let me know [...]

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Bernay’s Role In The History Of Propaganda

American marxists' propaganda master, Edward Bernays, had a profound impact on the history of propaganda in America. If you do not know this man's name and the influence he had on our entire political system, you risk being one of the uninformed masses upon which propaganda methods are used over and over again with astounding success. The [...]

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Breadth of WW1 Propaganda Machine Will Surprise You-Imagine What They Can Do Now?

George Creel and The Committee on Public Information George Creel, a progressive journalist who in 1916 was heavily involved in Woodrow Wilson's reelection campaign was named to head the Committee on Public Information created April 12, 1917, only 6 days after The United States formally declared war. “The publicity bureau was created by executive order [...]

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The Faces of Propaganda

CDC Whistle Blower Confesses News about the CDC whistleblower Dr Thompson- co-author of an autism study is spreading like wildfire on the internet. Dr Thompson alleges through his lawyer that he and his co-authors agreed to reduce the sample size arbitrarily after the study was completed to ensure that significant findings linking autism in african [...]

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Old School Reporter and Tips to Identifying Modern Propaganda Examples

Modern Propaganda Examples Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan Administration and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal.  He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following.  He [...]

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“La Bestia” Propaganda Song Part of Multi-Million Dollar American Attempt to Discourage Migrants?

Million Dollar Propaganda Song? But wouldn't that money be better used say....just patrolling the border or building a fence or changing the legislation that encourages them to make the risky trip in the first place. Risks taken are relative to reward. Getting full benefits in the US is quite a reward. If most end up not [...]

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